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What's the best place to get real solid-wood furniture?
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What's the best place to get real solid-wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture  can add so much character and style to a room, as well as helping you build a home, rather than a house. With so many pieces to choose from and places to buy from too, there is certainly a lot of choice when searching for solid wood  pieces. So, what’s the best place to get real solid-wood furniture ? 

There are a few different options to consider when you’re buying real solid-wood furniture , and solid oak wood furniture , but, before we get into that, you need to make sure that you’re buying real solid-wood furniture . The thing is, it can be easy to be misled and there are some companies and businesses out there that make it seem like you’re buying solid-wood, when in reality, you are not. With so many retailers and furniture ranges  to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming.

Solid wood isn’t going to be the cheapest option, it is an investment and a choice, and you’re paying for the quality and the longevity that the piece is going to give you. 

So, now we have got that out of the way, there are a few different purchasing options; buying second hand, buying online, and buying from a specialist, like us. We will dive into these options a little deeper in just a moment, so you can weigh them up and find the right route for you and your room.  

What's the best place to get real solid-wood furniture?

Things to consider when buying solid wood furniture

The first thing you need to consider is where the piece is going to go and whether it is part of a wider plan. Now, you may decide to opt for a solid wood  statement piece, perhaps a dining table  or dining chairs , or maybe you are going to have a solid wood  theme throughout the house, like wooden office furniture . It’s totally up to you and your styling choices, but having a plan can make things a lot smoother when purchasing any furniture, not just solid wood. For example, if you’re planning on buying oak wooden kitchen furniture , think about how you’re going to style it and how the room is going to look.

One of the other great things is that you can pepper these pieces throughout the house, adding continuity and styling with a piece in the dining room , living room , or home office , to pull the whole house together.

Have a budget in mind for your piece as well. There are affordable options out there and some pricier pieces too depending on what you’re looking for. You might have a room budget in mind to redecorate with or just a set amount you want to spend on the item. You also might choose to go for a couple of pieces of rustic wood furniture  and mix and match with other styles in order to keep to budget.

We have mentioned this above but also consider where you are purchasing from, and check out the reviews and reputation of the business. It is easy for products to look a certain way when you buy solid wood furniture  , and when they arrive they don’t match up to the picture, so make sure you do your homework.

How to style solid wood  pieces 

Styling solid wood furniture  and rustic furniture has so much potential and so many options too, but we know it can be quite overwhelming if styling isn’t your forte. Get together a Pinterest board or a mood board so you can start to visualise your pieces and your room coming together.  

Start by planning out the colour scheme and think about how the rustic element of the solid wood  is going to work with the other elements of the room. Soft furnishings are a really good addition and an easy way to change the feel and mood of the room, whether you are going for bright and maximalist or muted and minimalist, there is a lot of power in cushions and throws, so don’t underestimate them.  

Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you style the room. Whether you have one solid wood  piece or a few scattered throughout the room, be daring with your choices and think about how the pieces will make you feel, and what would compliment them in the environment. There is also the option to mix modern wooden furniture  with vintage finds and rustic pieces for a more eclectic mix.

Also know that nothing is permanent and if you love a solid wood  piece, there are plenty of things you can do to change up your look in a sustainable and sensible way later down the line. Wooden furniture design  is versatile and lends itself to things like up cycling and changing the colour schemes easily.

Purchasing options

Onto the purchasing options for buying the best wooden furniture … 

Buying secondhand is the first port of call on our list here and it is a more sustainable way to shop. It means you can often get a solid wood  piece for a lower cost than buying new, and it means there is less waste and items being produced. Having said that, there may be signs of wear or nicks in the piece that wouldn’t be there if you purchased new. We all love to see the grain of the wood but we also want the piece to be in good condition when it comes into our home. Also, you may not be able to find the exact piece you have in your mind if you are shopping secondhand. This may be a good option if you’re looking for a solid wood garden furniture set , solid wood outdoor furniture  that is going to get weathered, or you are looking for something with a worn feel to it.

Next up is choosing to shop with a larger company online. You can get good deals on pieces and there are usually discounts and sales to look out for when shopping with a large company.

However, with mass produced pieces, the quality often isn’t there and it can be disappointing to open it up when it gets delivered. Also, watch out for the fake solid wood  pieces, as you may have a sneaky bit of MDF on your hands. If you are looking for a lot of choice and affordability though, shopping this way could be an option for you. If you are buying wooden bedroom furniture online , and other pieces online too, just make sure you do your research. 

Last, but not least, shopping with a specialist for solid wood furniture . At Off The Grain, we are specialists and solid wood  is our craft. We have a team of woodworkers who work tirelessly, day in day out to produce gorgeous pieces of the highest quality , at a fair price, plus, we use responsibly sourced wood throughout our collections too. We like to think we have a wide range of pieces on offer, but you can always enquire about a bespoke piece, too. Now, we are not the cheapest, but we do bring quality to the table, and a true passion for what we do.  

Benefits of buying solid wood furniture

Buying solid wood furniture  is an investment for your home. Because of the quality and the materials that are used in these pieces, it means that they are made to last and that the older they get, the better they look with proper care and attention. We love seeing how pieces change and adapt when they are living in a home, surrounded by life and activity. Good quality wood furniture  is an investment for the home and for your space.

Solid wood  pieces also retain a lot of value due to their composition, so if you did decide to part ways with a piece, you can usually get a decent amount for them if you choose to sell them on.  

Lastly, nothing looks quite like solid wood . There are imitations out there, but nothing looks as good up close and personal. Whether you are buying solid oak furniture  for the kitchen or perhaps some solid wood  garden furniture, they stand the test of time and look incredible year after year. 

If you are on the hunt for handmade solid wood furniture , then take a look around the Off The Grain website, or get in touch with a member of the customer service  team and we can help you find the right piece for you and your room. Our team of woodworkers and trained wooden furniture manufacturers , and make everything to a high quality , and we use responsibly sourced wood throughout the process. So, for good quality wooden furniture  at a fair price, get in touch with Off the Grain.




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