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Modern rustic living room furniture and storage ideas
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Modern rustic living room furniture and storage ideas

Modern rustic living room furniture and storage ideas

The living room is the hub of the home, the life and soul of the party. That is why it is important to make sure it feels like a home, packed with character and personal touches, and rustic furniture  does a pretty good job of helping you do just that. Whether you have a large space or a small space , add warmth and depth to your decor with modern pieces that are versatile and will stand the test of time.  

Modern styling and rustic interior design  can look chic and thrown together at the same time. When done well, it will look like you spent ten minutes on the whole thing, and the great part is, no one will know if you did. This style is where old meets new, modern meets heritage and rustic plays the leading role in your landscape. You can take this as far as you like with homely and warm tablescapes to compliment the pieces, or let them shine and stand out with contrasting pieces. Think a solid wood living room table , surrounded by modern furnishings and embellishments; experiment, and have fun, and let the pieces add character . 

Getting the look 

Modern rustic living room furniture  is a style that isn’t exactly new to the block, and it is a timeless aesthetic that works perfectly as we move through the ages. We love that there is always a way to put your own stamp on it too, whether you go for the farmhouse living room  look or perhaps industrial rustic is more your thing, you can produce very different rooms and results, unique to your style and your family, if you’re looking for rustic living room ideas , we are always happy to share styling tips and images to help you on your way. It is a style that is lowkey and laid back, with a coffee table  or a side table  being the perfect nod to rustic, with the freedom and flexibility to bring other styles into the mix, if you wish.

Start by planning out your vision and your room and work from there, adding in pieces and furnishings that get you closer to that end goal. Whether you’re furnishing a living space or a dining area, there is a lot of fun to be had when styling. 

Mixing modern rustic 

Just because you are committing to a piece of modern rustic furniture , doesn’t mean that the aesthetic has to run through the house or even through the room. Change things up and don’t be afraid to try new things with your choices, maybe you want a rustic cottage living room , or maybe modern maximalism is more what you’re looking for, with a statement piece of rustic  or rustic industrial furniture  in the centre of the room? 

The fun part is, you can do exactly what you want here. 

If you need a little guidance with rustic meets modern lounge ideas , get in touch and we can help.

Rustic home storage ideas 

One of the best things about modern rustic furniture  is that there is so much flexibility in the pieces that you can create, and there are small but mighty finishing touches that make all the difference. 

For example, choosing the shape of the doors on a cupboard or the kind of hardware that is used can completely transform a piece of furniture depending on the look and the style that you are looking for. From country style storage furniture  to something more modern and industrial, each piece can take on a life of its own or it can be changed up with some minimal cosmetic switches. This means that your piece can change with your style, and therefore lasts a lot longer. 

From shoe racks to TV storage units, there is a way with modern rustic furniture  to make everything look like it has a home of its own. Hidden wires and consoles, wellies and walking boots, they all have a home of their own and there is no need for them to be on show. Furniture storage units  don’t have to look obvious, they can blend in seamlessly with your aesthetic.

If you are stuck for ideas on storage solutions , how to style storage furniture in the UK , and rustic living room ideas  in your home, here are a few you could try. 

Coat hooks 

Say goodbye to coats being strewn over the sofa and let on the floor when you come in from a walk. A coat hook is a simple and stylish way to get rid of mess and to organise as you go. Even though they’re not out of sight and out of mind, it is a tidy solution that makes life easier for the whole family.

We all know the struggle of family life and devices, with new consoles and boxes to add to the collection. Having a stylish and chic TV stand  hides away those unwanted pieces, and gives a focal point for your living room, and a home for your TV. No need for wires, stacks of games, and anything else that you might usually have on show.

Under the bench 

One of our favourite places for storage and it doesn’t have to look ugly, either. A bench that is perfect for your hallway, for putting on shoes and waiting for the rest of the tribe to appear. It is a practical piece of furniture that doubles down as a storage solution, too. From Christmas presents to the winter wardrobe, storing seasonal items or things you don’t use everyday under the bed, is a great space saver. 

Bathroom vanity 

There are modern rustic storage solutions to be found elsewhere in the home too. Ablutions need to be done but do we need everything to be on show? We don’t think so. Hide your unmentionables away, as well as toothbrushes, moisturisers, and anything else you might have on the bathroom side, into the drawers or cupboards of a vanity unit. It looks so much slicker and tidier, plus you won’t be forever lifting items up to clean around them. A game changer, we promise. 

Choosing handmade 

Choosing handmade pieces can be more expensive, but it is an investment in a piece that is going to stand the test of time. Handmade pieces have a whole lot more poured into them than you think, and speaking of the team at Off The Grain, there is so much thought and care that goes into every single piece of handmade rustic furniture , wooden living room furniture  and country style furniture . We have a team of woodworkers that work tirelessly to produce quality pieces that will be cherished for years to come. They’re built to be used, to be a part of your home that gets lived in, and that will get better as they age, made from sustainably sourced wood and natural materials , finished to the highest standards. 

If you want to explore rustic furniture   and handmade wooden furniture , get in touch with a member of the team and we can help turn those dreams into a reality.




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