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Made In Yorkshire

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Handmade in Yorkshire

At Off The Grain, we are committed to UK manufacturing and creating beautiful, solid wood furniture that is handmade in Yorkshire.

We're a family-run company with strong roots here in Yorkshire, so it's important that as much work as possible gets done locally by local people!

off the grain - handmade in yorkshire

Proud of our Yorkshire heritage

As you can probably tell, the Yorkshire region has been massively influential on us over many generations. From the Weaving Mills in Victorian times through to metal works and furniture manufacturing; each generation took what was made before them, improved upon an idea and then passed along their skillset for future generations too use. This history runs deep within Yorkshire and its people. Everything we do at Off the Grain is fuelled by the love, passion and pride of Yorkshire, our heritage and our people.

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Yorkshire Grit, Passion and Pride.

At Off The Grain we all extremely passionate about the furniture we make. We take proper Yorkshire pride in our work. From the craftsmanship in the workshop, to the customer satisfaction from our customer services team to the brews the boss makes, it’s all done with Yorkshire grit, passion and pride.