Handcrafted, Quality Wood Furniture For Every Room in Your Home

At Off the Grain, we believe that furniture is much more than a place to sit or hang your hat. Instead, it’s an investment in your quality of life in your home. Handcrafted in historic Yorkshire, every piece of Off the Grain solid wood furniture is designed to offer a combination of style and function. The result? Furniture that enhances living spaces and turns your house into a home.  

We take great pride in our handcrafted approach, unique heritage, and reputation for creating beautiful wood furniture that is built to last. Of course, because customer service and value are a significant part of our company culture, we only sell directly to consumers, eliminating extra costs while allowing us to provide our customers with the care and attention they deserve.

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High-Quality Bedroom and Office Furniture

The rooms in our homes serve many functions, and the furniture we choose has a direct impact on achieving the perfect look for each space. For example, bedrooms are retreats from the hustle and bustle of daily life. While this starts with basics like beds and bedside tables, it extends to other furnishings, such as storage-boosting wood blanket boxes. Even something as simple as shoe storage can go a long way toward making a bedroom or another space more liveable. 

While home offices put productivity at the forefront and serve a different primary purpose than bedrooms, there is a shared theme: high-quality furniture has the potential to maximise how you can use a space while contributing to the overall style of the room. After all, just because a home office is practical by nature doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. 

No matter what type of room you’re furnishing, Off the Grain has you covered with high-quality bedroom and office furniture designed to meet your unique wants and needs. 

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Kitchens and dining rooms are the hearts of our homes. In addition to being spaces where family members come together to prepare and share meals, they’re also gathering places for big and small moments alike. This means that choosing the right furniture is crucial: Not only can quality dining tables, bar stools, wine racks and bookcases make kitchens and dining rooms more functional, but they can also help make them more inviting.

At Off the Grain, we know that nothing is more important than the people in our lives. It’s our pleasure to create kitchen and dining room furniture that brings loved ones together.

Durable and Stylish Bathroom Furniture

While some rooms in your home get more attention than others, every space deserves beautiful furniture. Bathrooms aren’t just functional; they can also be relaxing, spa-like spaces – with the right furnishings, that is. Enter high-quality bathroom furniture from Off the Grain.

Our wooden vanity units, bath boards, wooden shelves and floating shelves improve the functionality and feel of bathroom spaces. As with all our furniture, every piece of bathroom furniture we produce is custom-made by hand using natural and sustainable materials.

Quality Hallway and Entryway Furniture

Entryways and hallways welcome visitors to our home and they’re also what we leave and return to each day – so why shouldn’t they be as welcoming as possible? Entrances are also a great opportunity to improve your home’s storage and functionality, but they don’t always get much thought.

Hallway furniture like coat racks, key racks, console/hallway tables, shelving, monks benches and shoe storage can make these spaces both more useful and stylish. Every piece of furniture you bring into your entryway – no matter how big or small – has the potential to create a look and feel that you love to come home to.

Wood Shelves, Fixtures and Accessories for the Whole House

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of great design. Carefully selected accessories can make all the difference when it comes to maximising your home. Even something as simple as industrial shelving or floating wooden shelves can be stylish and functional when incorporated into your interior.

At Off the Grain, it’s important to us that you get exactly what you’re looking for and that your furniture continues to bring you joy for years to come. That’s why we also offer wax and oak furniture samples and furniture care products that ensure your pieces get the love they deserve.

Why Choose Off the Grain for Handmade, Natural Solid Wood Furniture?

Your home should be your happy place, and we can think of no better investment than furniture that improves how you live. If you’re searching for quality wood furniture crafted in Yorkshire, look no further than Off the Grain’s handmade wooden furniture. From our solid wood bed frames and wooden bedside tables to high-quality coffee tables and wooden tv stands, we are committed to helping our customers create living spaces that speak to who they are.

We are very proud of our Customer Reviews

From the quality of our solid wood handcrafted furniture, our great Customer Service and our Yorkshire heritage, we love how much our customers love their Off The Grain Furniture

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