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Plastic & Cardboard


At Off The Grain we are consciously striving to do our bit, in any way we can. As a team, we have been shocked by the impact of plastic packaging, and the impact has inspired us to ensure that we ensure that we do as much as we can & operate as sustainably as possible.

We will only use plastics in exceptional cases, such as when an item needs significant additional protection & our recyclable packing cannot suffice.

The amount of plastic packaging that is thrown away every single year is enough in length to circle the globe four times over. Furthermore the rate of plastic wastage is growing at a rate of 9% every year. With current production rates and continued mismanagement of plastic waste across the world, there will be 12 billion tonnes of waste plastic in a landfill by 2050.

Despite being more eco-aware, consumers in the UK still only recycle one-third of their plastic packaging. Two-thirds of plastic packaging is taken to landfill while a small proportion is incinerated. With this in mind less than half of the plastic goods that are recyclable are actually recycled. Much of this wastage comes down to a lack of recycling provisions and not being sure whether a product can be recovered or not.

That's why at Off The Grain, we love to shout about our sustainability, so you as the customer know exactly what to do when you receive your beautiful handcrafted solid wood furniture, in the sustainable, recyclable packaging!

Cardboard Boxes

Our boxes used for packing are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Not only that but our boxes are triple walled to ensure that they are fit for purpose and the protection of your handcrafted solid wood furniture whilst in transit. Why not use them again? The wonder of recycling is the repurposing of packaging, and our boxes make the perfect moving boxes!


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Plastic & Cardboard