Joiner making furniture at Off the Grain workshop in Yorkshire.

Our Timber

Wood is a wonderful, natural material, beautiful to look and great to work with. Here at Off the Grain, we use a wide range of timber to make our furniture. All this timber is responsibly sourced & FSC certified. That means that every piece of wood at Off the Grain is sourced from sustainably managed forests in areas where four trees are planted for everyone used.

We also make sure that all of the Timber supply chain that we work with are licenced and operating legally, so that we are all upholding the very high standards that we pride ourselves on here at Off The Grain.

7 million hectares of landscape is lost annually. That's 13.3 hectares every minute. This is why we only buy sustainably sourced wood, from sustainably managed forests.

When you buy from Off the Grain, you can be assured that the timber used has been taken from carefully harvested woods. This process means that the harvesting process only allows a few trees to be taken from each section. This of course has a positive impact on the wildlife in the area, allowing them to retain their natural habitat.

We pride ourselves on embracing the natural beauty of the Timber that we source, and as a natural product, the wood does present shakes, cracks, bows, splits and twists. This character means that every item that we sell will be truly unique and one of a kind, making the magic of your handmade solid wood furniture.


Our Timber

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