Our workshop is open and we are still taking orders for our furniture. Lead times are currently 1-2 weeks for most items.
Our workshop is still open and we are still taking orders for our furniture. Lead times are currently 1-2 weeks
Off the Grain - Hand Crafted Furniture Made in Yorkshire

Our Story

How Off the Grain was born

Beginning our furniture making venture in the garage, with only a drill and table saw to a 3,000 square ft workshop with a large catalogue of products.

Teaching and the Garage

Off the Grain was started in 2018 after founder, Dom Walsh designed an oak coffee pod holder that had been made to store the dreaded coffee pods that had been taking over the kitchen. After posting the item online, he was blown away by the reaction that it got. The Coffee Pod Holder led to family and friends coming up with ideas for him to make for their own homes. Seeing the items in people’s houses gave Dom a desire to create range of handcrafted wooden products that couldn’t be found in traditional catalogues. Without knowing much about business, interiors or even furniture… Off the Grain was born.

Working out of the garage, with only the basic tools, and whilst working as a teacher, Dom spent evenings and weekends coming up with ideas and fulfilling the small amount of orders that they had started to receive. Dom would get home after a days teaching and head to the garage until the early hours of the morning, often upsetting the neighbours by starting the sander at 11pm! As orders began to increase and the evening and weekend hours began to get longer and longer, Dom had a decision to make and decided that he would turn his back on his teaching career and turn his passion into a full-time business.

The Workshop - Where we are today

In late November, Dom took another deep breath and took on and the lease of our current workshop/showroom located in the Yorkshire countryside, with this a ‘proper business’ had been born. As the orders began to increase and the range of products grew and grew ,Dom needed help and took on three, full time, members of staff . The workshop allowed the introduction of professional tools and machinery, which led to the team developing a bigger product range whilst remaining true to the values on handcrafted furniture.

Today, we have 12 members of full-time staff and continue to invest in the best staff to ensure that our values of high-quality products and customer service remain key to our brand and identity.

What we believe in

At Off the Grain, we are committed to UK manufacturing and all of our furniture is handcrafted in our Yorkshire workshop. As you can probably tell, we are extremely proud of our Yorkshire roots and we are heavily influenced by the history of manufacturing in Yorkshire.

We believe that furniture should be personal and full of character, that is the reason that all our furniture is made to order and built to last. When you place an order with Off the Grain, a talented craftsman will select the timber and make your furniture by hand from start to finish. This means that your furniture will be unique and personal to you. We also believe that furniture should be built to last, that is the reason we offer a lifetime guarantee on all items we sell.

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