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Entryway Organisation Must-Haves: Coat Racks
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Entryway Organisation Must-Haves: Coat Racks

We’re all looking for ways to improve the style and functionality of our homes. Why not start at the beginning – literally? We’re talking about your entryway, of course.

Entryways may not be the first areas we imagine when we think about decorating our living spaces. However, your foyer sets the tone for your entire home, as it’s the area guests first experience when they arrive. Therefore, it should represent you and your personal design style.

Now, factor in that entryways, foyers and hallways are also perfect spots for incorporating additional storage and organisational furniture and accessories. The takeaway is clear: Giving some thought to your entryway design can go a long way to creating a more beautiful and liveable home.

The Many Benefits of Coat Racks

Clutter is the enemy of peaceful home interiors. The more organised your space is, the more relaxing and inviting it will feel. Unfortunately, entryways often become dumping grounds for everyday belongings. From backpacks and sports gear to coats and umbrellas, these items add up when multiplied across the members of your household.

Hallway Coat Rack

Coat racks are a simple solution for streamlining the clutter of jackets, bags, hats and more. In addition to providing hooks for hanging items, some coat racks also incorporate shelving for added storage or display.

Don’t overlook the fact that a hand-crafted, solid wood coat rack can be a beautiful design element on its own. At Off the Grain, we create coat racks ranging from rustic to contemporary styles in oak, walnut and painted wood. While they may differ in appearance, each Off the Grain piece represents our commitment to functionality, quality and timeless style.

High-Quality Coat Racks from Off the Grain

Not all coat racks are created equal. For starters, they vary in terms of the functionality they offer based on details like size and the number of hooks. Coat racks also come in many styles, shapes and designs. The right free-standing coat rack or wall-mounted coat rack for your entryway depends on the specifics of your space and your goals for your home.

Coat Rack on Stairs

Whichever coat rack you choose from Off the Grain, you know what you’re getting has been handmade by dedicated artisans carrying on a time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship while also embracing the spirit of innovation. We are passionate about the furniture we put out into the world, as well as the value it provides to our customers. This can be seen not only in our furniture but also in our commitment to customer service. When you buy something from Off the Grain, you not only get a piece of heirloom furniture – you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing we stand behind every item we make.

At Off the Grain, we’re big believers in making furniture with character and purpose. To learn more about how to live better in your home with quality, Yorkshire-made coat racks, shelving, entryway furniture, hallway furniture and more, contact us today. Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you to options that will complement your interior and lifestyle.



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