Our workshop is still open and we are still taking orders for our furniture. Lead times are currently 1-2 weeks
Off the Grain - Hand Crafted Furniture Made in Yorkshire

About Us

Off the Grain - Hand Crafted Furniture Made in Yorkshire

An artisanal approach

Handmade furniture and décor for the home and workplace.

We believe there’s something special about owning a product that has been made by hand. To make things which are designed for functionality and beauty, careful thought goes into every aspect of its creation, from the selection of the wood to the choice of carpentry techniques we use to construct it.

Built to Last

We are extremely confident in the items that we sell. It is for this reason that we offer a lifetime structural guarantee on all our items. Every item we make is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete confidence.

Sustainable Furniture

Wood is a wonderful, natural material, beautiful to look and great to work with. Here at Off the Grain, we use a wide range of timber to make our furniture. All this timber is responsibly sourced & FSC certified. That means that every piece of wood at Off the Grain is sourced from sustainably managed forests in areas where four trees are planted for everyone used.

When you buy from Off the Grain, you can be assured that the timber used has been taken from carefully harvested woods. This process means that the harvesting process only allows a few trees to be taken from each section. This of course has a positive impact on the wildlife in the area, allowing them to retain their natural habitat.

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